Dr. Brett Coppenger

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy Program Coordinator

Department of Modern Languages, Communication, and Philosophy

Tuskegee University

Research and Professional Interests

Areas of Research Specialization

Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion

Areas of Research Competency

The History of the Philosophy of Science, Confirmation Theory, Modern Philosophy



Articles and Book Chapters

  • 2020:“How to Build a Conspiracy Theory” in Conspiracy Theories: Philosophers Connect the Dots, eds. Greene, Richard and Rachel Robinson-Greene, Open Court.

  • 2019: “Internalism, Memory, and Skepticism” in The Mystery of Skepticism: New Explorations, eds. McCain and Poston, Brill.

  • 2018: “Self-Knowledge and Skepticism” in Westworld and Philosophy, eds. Heter, Joshua and Richard Greene, Open Court.

  • 2017: “Close Possible (Dystopian) Worlds, Truth Tracking, and Knowledge” in The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy, eds. Heter, Joshua and Bruce Krajewski, Open Court.

  • 2016: “Traditional Internalism: An Introduction” in Intellectual Assurance: Essays on Traditional Epistemic Internalism, eds. Coppenger and Bergmann, Oxford University Press.

  • 2011:“Is Justified True Bluth Belief Knowledge?” (with Kristopher Philips) in Arrested Development & Philosophy, eds. Phillips, Kristopher and Jeremy Wisnewski, Blackwell.

Teaching Experience

Traditional Courses

  • Epistemology / Theories of Knowledge

  • Philosophical Skepticism

  • Modern Philosophy

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Philosophy and World Religions

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Values and Technology / Science, Technology, and Values

  • Introduction to Ethics

  • Medical Ethics

  • Philosophy and the Just Society

  • Philosophy and Human Nature

  • Introduction to Philosophy

  • Critical Thinking

  • Introduction to Logic

  • Deductive Logic

Online Courses

  • Epistemology

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Introduction to Ethics

  • Introduction to Philosophy

  • Introduction to Logic

Contact Information

Mail: Tuskegee University, 1200 West Montgomery Road, 70-428 Kenney Hall, Tuskegee, AL 36088

Email: bcoppenger@tuskegee.edu

Website: www.brettcoppenger.com